A “dual” SIM setup with older iPhones (not X+).

I have one personal SIM (SIM A) and one provided by my employer (SIM B). My business SIM has a generous post-paid package that includes voice, data, roaming when I travel, etc, so this is the one I use on my iPhone 6s. However, my personal SIM number is the one my friends and family knew for years, and it is also the one used by a couple services like transaction notifications by my bank.

I wanted a way to carry ONLY my iPhone 6s loaded with my business SIM and still receive calls and text messages sent to my personal SIM.

Yes, I know that iPhone Xs/Xm/Xr will be dual SIM, but I don’t have one (yet…), so I wanted to find a solution based on was was available to me. Also note that the solution described bellow could work with more than two SIMs 🙂

Read the full article at https://blog.vrypan.net/2018/10/17/181017-a-dual-sim-setup-with-older-iphones-not-x/

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